Cling Stamps V’s Photopolymer – Video Tutorial

Welcome back to my corner of the world

I was asked the other day what the difference was between ‘Cling’ stamps and ‘Photopolymer’ Stamps – and that is a very good question.  After nearly 10 years as an SU demo I tend to forget there are folks that are new to this wonderful craft!

Basically they each do the same job – produces beautiful images for your crafting delight, they are made from different materials you just handled them a little differently. So today’s post explains how to handle them, attach labels, attach to acrylic blocks and keep them clean.

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Introducing ~ NEW Cling Stamps

This is an exciting change for Stampin’ Up! and you are going to love the new functionality of the stamps.

Cling stamps have  the same quality rubber stamps you’ve always loved and they now come with highly adhesive image labels. The benefit is that they will cling like crazy to clear blocks so you don’t have to worry about your stamp image shifting or falling off of the block. Cling stamps make stamping easy.

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Keeping your Stamps and Blocks Clean

Our clear stampin’ blocks are perfect for both the clear mount and photopolymer stamps.  However the blocks and the stamps need to be clean to get a successful ‘cling’ so they don’t fall off just when you don’t want them too!

Over the last few months I have had several of my lovely customers ask me about keeping their stamps and clear stamping blocks clean.

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