Fall Treasure Hunt – how to play

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How would you like to win a Gift Certificate toward Stampin’ Up Products???????

Here’s what you do:

– visit each of the blogs listed below – look for participating Treasure Hunt players – they will have the picture of the box (above) and this will lead you to their clue

-make a note of what the clue you found and the name of the blog you found it on.

-once you’ve collected 50 clues, email them to ME at cindy@emporiummax.com listing each clue & where you found it
All entries will be verified for correctness and included in the drawing for the Grand Prize

-you have from Tuesday August 20th to Friday, October 25th 2013 to collect 50 clues and email them to me, to be entered into the contest -Contest closes Friday Oct. 25th at midnight PST

******NOTE**** at this time we do not have all 50 clues as several Stampin Up demonstrators are still preparing for their post, so you will want to check back often to see when others are added! The prize amount is determined by the number of demonstrators participating in the Late Night Stampers Fall Treasure Hunt 2013 and their country of origin

Below is a list of participating Demonstrators and their blogs. Be sure to check out there other posts while you are on their blog. This is a talented group of people.(it’s always nice to leave a comment!)

Tammy Baldwin http://www.creativeapplescrampers.blogspot.com US
Carolyn Bennett http://www.carolynstamps.com US
Jody Brechbill http://www.jodybrechbillstampinqueen.com US
Brenda Cook http://www.cardscraps.com US
Carolee Crabb http://www.Care2stampwithcarolee.blogspot.com US
Tina Davis http://www.tinadavisstamps.blogspot.com/US
Beverly Farmer http://www.createwithbev.blogspot.com US
Sherrill Graff http://yourhiredscrapbooksupplies.blogspot.com/ US
Penny Hanuszak http://pennytokensstampinspot.blogspot.com Canada
Lori Helvick http://www.createwithlori2.blogspot.com/ US
Diane Ison http://teachtostamp.blogspot.ca/ Canada
Suzanne Johnson http://www.gottastampwithsuzanne.com US
Nancy Legate http://www.stampnnuggets.com US
Carolyn Lindenmayer http://carolynscardcreations.blogspot.com.au/ Other
Rhonda Macnally http://rhondalovesstamping.wordpress.com Canada
Serena Marsh http://www.reenybeanies.blogspot.ca Canada
Robin Messenheimer http://robinscraftroom.com US
Joni Metras http://www.joniinthespotlightstamping.com US
Cynthia Millan http://www.StampWithCynthia.blogspot.com Canada
Kimberley Morris http://procrastistamper.blogspot.com US
Ruth Pearson http://pearsonifiedcrafting.blogspot.co.uk/ UK
Ginger Rabesa http://www.stampingginger.com US
Brenda Riehle http://www.stampandscrapwithbrenda.blogspot.com US
Linda Rodenberg http://www.prettyinky.blogspot.com US
Heather Sewczak http://www.heatherscutecards.com/blog US
Cynthia Simpson http://cynthiastampinhappening.wordpress.com/ US
Dee Slater http://createwithdee.typepad.com US
Deborah Smart http://www.stampandcreate.net Canada
B Jayne Stenstrom http://www.jaynestamps.com/ US
Tanya Stottlemire http://www.scramptastic.blogspot.com US
Charlene Tackvic http://www.AlwaysStamping.com US
Jackie Watson http://www.jackielwatson.blogspot.com US
Lesley Lendon http://lellyjellys.blogspot.com/ UK
Amanda Frankel http://www.OurCraftyPlaydate.com US
Vanessa Terrell http://www.stampwithvanessa.com US
Kris Sobolik http://www.maddiebugdesigns.blogspot.com US
Misty Snell http://snellmisty.wordpress.com US
Rhonda Price http://www.stampbyrhonda.blogspot.com US
Jaime Barnett http://kankiepopscards.blogspot.co.uk UK
Janet Yates http://www.stampinnerd.blogspot.com Canada
Avery Murphy http://alongcamestamping.blogspot.ca Canada
Jennifer King http://stampingcontact.com US
Erika Trowell http://www.idigstamps.com US
Mary K. Wessling http://maryscraftroom.blogspot.com US
Jean Piersanti http://www.Beautyandthestamper.blogspot.com US
Karina Chin http://www.karinaskreation.com Canada
Samantha Joyce http://www.crafty-sammy.blogspot.co.uk UK
Jennifer Wren http://www.txjennywren.blogspot.com US
Susan Timchack http://susan-stampinsue.blogspot.com US

Cindy Mitchell-Clark http://www.cindysstampingcorner.wordpress.com US
Cindy Fodor http://www.stampthelove.blogspot.com US
Amber Meulenbelt http://www.stampwithamber.com Canada
Anastasia Radloff http://www.stampinblondie.blogspot.com US

Robin Boyer www.robinscreativecorner.com                      US

Amy  Hoffman  www.stampandscrapwithamy.blogspot.com        US

Louise  Radies    www.creationsbylouise.blogspot.com     Canada

Holly  Stene    http://hollyshobbs.blogspot.com         US

Melissa  Banbury    www.porchswingcreations.com    Canada

Laura  Leuenberger      www.stamplaura.blogspot.com          US

Denise  Willerton    http://chezmoicreations.blogspot.com   Canada

Raissa  Spatola   www.raissastamps.com     US

Sandy  Risi     http://thecrewquarters.blogspot.com    US

Rachel         Bateman   http://rachelscraft.blogspot.com/          US

Nicole   Mahler        www.creationsbynikki.blogspot.com      US

Cathy   Parlitsis      http://www.stampsandscrapbooks.com       US

Laurie    Reaume    www.stampwithlaur.blogspot.com        Canada

Jacqueline Dorer Russell http://sugarssmilinpapercrafts.blogspot.com     US

Kay  Marini     www.stampingforsanity.blogspot.com   US

Cary  Payette     http://stampingbandit.blogspot.com      US

Cindy  Techlin    http://www.stampinaninktrail.blogspot.com    US

2 thoughts on “Fall Treasure Hunt – how to play

  1. Sherrill Graff says:

    So thankful you are participating in the Late Night Stamper blog hop with us. I can’t wait to see who wins!
    the ideas are wonderful too. I sure enjoy pinning your artwork.
    Good job!
    Sherrill Graff


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