Join Stampin’ Up! with a special offer for ONE WEEK ONLY

I like to share….. I was taught at my Mum’s knee to share…… so here goes:
This is the first time that Stampin’ Up! has ever offered any kind of joining offer of this type.

Join Stampin’ Up and get your Starter Kit of $125 of anything from the current catalog or clearance rack for $75…… yes.. $75!!!!

……. read on for more details……

The usual price to Join Stampin’ Up! is a start up cost of $99 and  you choose $125 worth of products of anything you like and included is a  business kit (catalogues, order forms etc), plus free shipping on this particular order.

So what will the special offer get me???

  • Between Nov 24 and Dec 2, I can save 25% on the starter kit making it $75 for $125 worth of any product I want
  • Instant 20% income (or discount) on all sales with an opportunity to earn as much as 20% more on top of that
  • BONUS:  I will earn 25% commission on my sales in December (even if you sell to yourself!)
  • Many ink pads, markers, cardstock and accessories for my stamping hobby/business at a discount
  • A fantastic bi-monthly magazine that shares the Stampin’ Up! news as well as hundreds of full color ideas
  • A chance to travel each year to the Stampin’ Up! Convention where more free stamps and gifts will be given to me. I will be joined with over 3,000 other stampers sharing ideas!
  • All of my Stampin’ Up! purchases are tax-deductible (So is the traveling if I choose to go to Convention!)
  • Free access to a great website from Stampin’ Up filled with hundreds of ideas for me to inspire me or to copy on that website!
  • An opportunity to meet new friends!
  • A complimentary Stampin’ Up! Catalog/Idea Book each year
  • I can order from the new catalogs a month before anyone else
  • If I want I can start my own business today!
  • If I choose to sign up anyone, I begin to earn commission on his/her sales.
  • I can have my own website (DBWS) to collect online orders and attract new customers
  • A chance to earn 4 more stamps sets (any that I want in the current catalog) by selling $1,500 & recruiting only 1 person with my first full 3 months as a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up!’s new “Stampin’ Start” program
  • Opportunities to earn free Cruises/Incentive Trips for two each year

My amazing team includes those who are building a business – they’re doing parties, workshops, classes, and more. But I also have a collection of ladies who buy just for their own hobby, some buy to make their products to sell at craft fairs and to others.

A very eclectic mix, and they’re such a supportive team to one another as much as to me.  The friendships that have formed have been a joy to watch. And one of the biggest bonuses to being part of Stampin’ Up! is the camaraderie, friendship and fellowship that we share and nurture.

I made the decision to join Stampin’ Up! exactly 4 years ago yesterday – I have had a great time, met some fantastic people and have loved the way that Stampin’ Up! works with us.

So if you’re ready to join, right here, right now (yay!) and I know some of you are, then the link you need is HERE

Can’t wait to  welcome you to my team.

My Project 4-001 Please email me if you have any questions,



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