Join Stampin’ Up! ~ whats better than free stamps!


So, you’ve been shopping with Stampin’ Up! for a while, and you like the idea of being part of the great company with wonderful products and…. you like the idea of  getting discounts and perks, but you’re not sure that you want to demonstrate.

Many demonstrators don’t actually demonstrate!  They simply enjoy buying the amazing products at the 20% net discount that all demos get!

Most of my team members joined Stampin’ Up to get that discount,   they affectionately call themselves ‘hobby’ demos because they’re feeding their hobby and loving it!

I am coming up for my 5th anniversary with Stampin’ Up! and I have to admit that I joined with a business view, but that has allowed me to meet so many different people, to share my love of paper crafting and to make some lovely friends.

If you have recently got your hands on the new 2015 ~ 2016 Stampin’ Up! catalog and simply love everything in it then the best thing for you to do is join the family and there is a special deal being offered until June 30th. You can choose 2 extra stamp sets in addition to the starter kit…. and the starter kit can contain anything from the current catalog ~ you can customize it to suit your own individual needs and tastes ~ up to the value of $125 ~   all for a very doable $99!

Joining Stampin’ Up! couldn’t be easier. Click this button and it will take you right there





I don’t believe in telling people they ought to go and sell or do workshops, nor do I put pressure on anyone to promote or recruit, I simply want to share the these marvellous products.

So if you’re shopping right now, and thinking that you’d quite like a bargain too, consider joining my team. You never know where your journey may take you!

Remember those 2 extra free stamp sets that you are able to add to your starter kit this month. I’d join just for those!!!

Happy StamMy Project 4-001ping 🙂

If you’d like any of the supplies, to shop, or to get a catalog, please feel free to contact me, and if you’re thinking of joining Stampin’ Up! and my team I’d most definitely like to hear from you.


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