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My sweet Mum was a professional dressmaker – she was an apprentice in Bond Street, London – which was a very posh place for clothes back in the late 1940’s and early 50’s, making couture outfits ~  she has always been quick to point out that she made garments from start to finish – not just a ‘sleeve setter’ or ‘button sewer oner’.  She made wedding dresses and other posh frocks for ‘society’, she did not make her own wedding dress as it was considered unlucky, but she did make her best friends’ and Jean then made my Mum’s.

Scissors where the main tools of her trade along side of needles and thread of course, but good scissors were very expensive and were to be used for cutting fabric only – not even thread was allowed to get near the blades.  My Mum hid her scissors from my Dad – in his eyes a pair of scissors was a pair of scissors ~ perfect for cutting anything that needed to be cut ~ as my brother, sister and I grew up, we knew not to touch them or woe betide the consequences!

I found this picture on the  internet and it bought back those memories and perfectly describe what I am trying to share here!

I have inherited her reverence of scissors and keep a pair of fabric scissors safely tucked away ~ cutting paper will kill the edge on the blade and they will never be the same again.

Stampin’ Up! have solutions for cutting card and paper, the Stampin’ Trimmer has been specially designed to make stable and straight cuts, not only will it cut but it will score as well and take 12 x 12 card stock without having to take out the scoring blade to cut and vise versa to score.  You can also get replacement cutting and scoring blades and cutting mat.

Paper snips are perfect for accurate fussy cutting as they cut to the very tip.  I have several pairs I use for paper and one pair reserved for trimming ribbon – I have tied a piece of ribbon around the finger holes so I know at a glance not to use them for cutting Tear and Tape or Stampin Dimensionals!

Then we have all the wonderful punches on pages 206 ~ 208 of the Annual Catalog which will cut shape literally with a snap!  And finally the Big Shot with all enormous range of dies on pages 212 ~ 216.

So I ask myself – with all the options Stampin’ UP! offers why would I use my precious fabric scissors to cut paper?

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you like my little dive into paper cutting options  – please let me know in a comment ~ by using that little link just under the title.

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