Bravo, you did it! ~ Stampin’ Up!

Last week my sister’s youngest son graduated from a UK university with a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering (amongst other things)  A bit of a smart cookie (who must take after his aunt I’m sure!)

While at university he was a member of the Air Cadets which is linked to the Royal Air Force and during the early part of July he took his first solo flight.  So many wonderful things to celebrate and hopefully the card I made and sent reflects the enormous pride I feel in his achievements.

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Thank you Gift Set using Butterfly Basics

Those of you who know me or follow my blog, know that I work for H & R Block.  We are busy people from Jan 1st thru April 15th and we rely a lot on the fantastic ladies who run our front desk, answering phones, greeting clients, taking payment, confirming appointments etc (often times one or more of these at the same time!)
I take a little time before ‘tax day’ to make a little thank you gift for them, I know they make my life a lot easier for all they do for me.

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Bookmarks using Stampin’ Up!’s Butterfly Basics

I recently received a copy of the Book of Morman from Shelli and Sterling Gardner and it contained a handmade bookmark, it got me thinking that with all the electronic media we have these days the good ol’ bookmark really doesn’t have much of a chance!  But we all do have at least one book we could use one in ~ our Stampin’ Up! annual catalog for example!

I always have a little gift for each of my customers and for March…. you guessed it…. they all got a bookmark!

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