Fond Farewell ~ Beautifully Braided Friendship Card

Welcome back to my corner of the world

This is the time of year we say a fond farewell to some of the products from the SU catalog.  Today’s card features the Beautifully Braided Stamp Set and the Glitter Enamel Dots that are available until June 2nd (while stocks last)

The colors were chosen for me – I have been looking for inspiration and one of the Facebook pages I follow put up a color challenge, such bright springtime colors ~ so alI  I had to do was to think of a design. I liked this card so much that I sent this to one of my niece’s in the UK for her birthday.

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Daisy Lane ‘Smile’

Welcome back to my corner of the world

‘SMILE’ is such a lovely word to put on the front of a card – imagine opening the envelope, pulling out the card and seeing that word – would you not just smile at it?  I think I would.

The Daisy Lane Stamp Set has SMILE as one of its greetings, along with the very cheerful daisy flowers it just makes for such a very happy card!

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Stamparatus Technique ~ Wreath Video Tutorial

This is the 8th in my series using the Stamparatus by Stampin’ UP!  The Stamparatus is Stampin’ UP!’s latest tool  and an absolute must have for all stampers.  It helps you perfectly align your stamp images, stamp multiples of the same project quickly and accurately and gets complete ink coverage – ‘cos you can do a ‘do-over’

I am using the Perennial Birthday Stamp Set for this technique as I find it I get a better result  if I have a lot of smaller images rather than a few larger ones.  It also gives me the chance to use lots of different ink colors as well.

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Abstract Impressions ~ Kindness Changes Everything

Forty-Five years ago today I started  my first ever job!  I remember quite clearly exactly what I wore, my Mum giving me a packed lunch and me catching the bus into the local town.  The day flew by, I caught the bus home, Mum gave me a cup of tea and I promptly fell asleep in the chair – totally exhausted.

I look back at every job I have done since that day and the opportunities I was given and those I earned thru hard work (it was not easy being a girl engineer in the 70’s and 80’s) – but I appreciated then, as now, the encouragement and kindness I was shown by a lot of people along the way – today’s card reflects that.

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Dandelion Wishes ~ Sweet and Simple Challenge

When we were children, we lived way out in the country in a tiny ‘hamlet’, it did not have a store, church or pub just a couple of dozen houses and the bus came thru twice a day to take you to and from school or the local town for work or shopping!

We would spend the summer holidays roaming the fields and used to pick dandelion seed heads and blow gently on them – the number of puffs it took to blow off all the seeds would tell you the time ~ simple times 🙂

Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set has proved to be very popular with a lot of stampers and it make sense as it has a lovely restful feel about it with the little seed-heads drifting away on the breeze.

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Lovely Friends from Stampin’ UP!

Good Friends are hard to find………….  a perfect sentiment for those times when you want a special card for a special friend.

The Lovely Friends stamp set has 2 large sentiments then about 8 or 9 smaller ones – all in a graceful cursive script.  The other stamps allow you to build up the beautiful flowers, using a two-step stamping technique. Continue reading